Are you looking for an experienced mortgage broker in Courtice, Ontario? Dan Caird works to find you the best mortgage product for your needs. Whether you are a first-time buyer or want to renew an existing mortgage, working with Dan Caird of Dominion Lending Centers mortgage brokers in Courtice, Ontario ensures you get the best mortgage product available.

Live in Beautiful Courtice, Ontario

Once upon a time a small village, Courtice experienced a steady growth in its 200+ years history, but more significant housing developments began only in the late 1980s. They continue to this day. Fueling such developments are the relatively low property prices compared to neighbouring areas. Most houses in Courtice are primarily single-family detached residences. The total number of dwellings in the municipality exceeds 30,797.

Courtice is near enough to Toronto and financial hubs in the Durham Region for most residents to commute there to work. Like other municipalities in Durham, Courtice has been experiencing a significant population growth. According to the latest census carried out in 2011, there are now over 84,548 residents in Durham, a 8.6% increase from the 77,820 population in 2006.

Why Work With a Mortgage Broker in Courtice, Ontario?

  • Save time - Navigating alone through the many mortgage options available can be confusing. Using a bank may be an option that comes to mind, but they will limit your options and often require you to submit an application in person at the nearest office. Dan Caird, Courtice mortgage broker, filters through many offers to provide you with several alternatives. We can also discuss mortgage application details online or over the phone, so you won't lose any time on the road. Yes, I do house calls!
  • Mortgage made easy - From legal requirements to negotiating rates and terms with providers, Dan Caird, Courtice mortgage broker, takes care of everything for you. Take the hassle out of finding the best mortgage for your needs with Dan Caird, Courtice mortgage services.
  • Save money - When you work with Dan Caird, Courtice mortgage broker, you gain access to different options from different providers. In this way you will be able to choose the one that best fits your needs. Our diverse portfolio also means better rates.
  • No fees – Dan Caird will not charge you any fee for the services he provides. The only exception to this are very special scenarios for more unique, complicated financing options.
  • Mortgage expertise - Bank financial advisers tend to provide a variety of financial services, including fields as diverse as investment, personal banking, and retirement financing. In general, they do not have the same expertise in mortgages as a specialized mortgage broker.
  • Handles credit history better - When you choose to work with Dan Caird, Courtice mortgage broker instead of a bank, your credit report gets checked only once regardless of how many different options you explore. With banks, on the other hand, your credit history will be checked by each bank. Not only can this make the whole process longer, but each check could potentially result in a lower credit score.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on getting the best Courtice mortgage for you. Dan Caird is ready to help you save time, money, and find better rates than what big banks can offer you.

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